Shopping trip for a couple weeks of food.

Went to Costco and picked up some Organic Chicken and Organic Ground beef. Don’t think it is totally grass fed, but still a better choice. 37.00
Then went to Fred Meyers and picked up Fruits and Veggies and sushi for dinner and a Candybar for my treat. 43.00
Earlier this week I ordered a Handheld Veggie Spiralizer.
Came home, took about a 1/3 of the Drumsticks (I thought I picked up Thighs…) Mixed it up with some EVOO and Shio Koji, baked it, and then decided to add a couple of peaches.
Spiralized a Zucchini and a Sweet potato tossed it in some more EVOO and some spices. Garlic Powder and Turmeric and baked. And…. I think I’ll just use the spiralizer for Noodles.
Not the most photogenic food ever.
Attempting to eliminate processed foods and GMO’s. Good thing that Costco and Fred Meyer seem to have decent amount of Organic stuff. I wish the GMO labeling stuff had passed in Washington state.
Also trying to eliminate using plastic to carry my lunch in. Most of my lunch equipment is now stainless steel and some glass. I have a couple of salad containers that are plastic….
I find it funny when you are shopping for fruits and veggies, which I bought about 20 different things and used 20 stupid plastic bags…

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