Getting serious about getting healthy and Food Traps are everywhere…..

Day Two trying to not eat Gluten or Dairy.
First there were free Ice cream bars and Drumsticks in the Breakroom….. I resisted.
Then I got called to a meeting and there was Pizza and Sheet Cakes and Soda… I resisted
Then they dropped off the Pizza in the break room, I resisted….
Then Birthday cake and more Ice Cream. I held strong.
What did I eat today. No pictures it wasn’t that pretty.
Costco Chili with Organic Tomatoes and a Package of Korean Seaweed with Olive Oil.
For breakfast I had Stumptown coffee Iced Latte with Soy and Bourbon Caramel flavoring.
Trying to get my water in. Emergen-C has a new product I found at Costco called Super Fruit, it makes the water gentler to my tummy and has vitamins and electrolytes. Probably should have brought some fruits and veggies and nuts. But I had a little too much fiber yesterday.

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