My lungs suck at sucking….

My lungs suck at sucking.....
My lungs suck at sucking…..

PFT Auto Narrative 08-26-2015-2

Went in for my annual lung check up at the end of July. Two days before my 10 days of vacation. I felt okay. The tech did three PFT tests. Showed the tests to my doctor. They immediately gave me a breathing treatment. And then Yay! Do the PFT three times again… Then my doctor said, you need to go on a Burst of Steroids and then start using the inhaled steroids. Bummer… Ask permission to wait a few days and then start the burst. Start that August 2nd. I feel all the fun side effects of Steroids, increased Anxiety and Depression, Blood Pressure goes up. But I am breathing better and my brain fog seems to be lifting. Found a salicylate free mouth wash and start on the Steroid inhalers. I go back to work on August 8th and almost immediately my sinus passages seal shut, and brain fog is back. Now I am getting thrush in the back of my throat…. Going to continue to use the inhalers for a bit, but think I need to adjust my diet again… Hoping to stay on track this time. I am going to try the Paleo diet. Not because I believe that is the way the caveman ate, because cavemen lived everywhere and they all had differing diets depending on location. But it eliminates inflammation causing food and it looks like something I can stick to and Flash shouldn’t feel deprived. These are not the worst PFT’s I have ever had. But the fact that I can walk and talk and appear like I am not having any issues at all is what is bad. So this test my lungs show up as greater than 99 years old. Time to try and cut that number in half.
So today is the first update on diet. Eliminate dairy. Bye Bye butter…

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