My First Product Review and it isn’t even a Tech Gadget.


I love packing a Bento style lunch, and had quite the collection of accessories. I even was in a Bento trading group for a while. But when you are working and commuting more than you are home, it is hard to keep up packing lunches. Bento Supplies take up a lot of space and are hard to keep clean. My other favorite Bento set is 11 pieces, and it is a pain to keep clean.
I love my planet box Rover for many reasons. While it may seem expensive, it actually pays for itself in about 7 uses. Lunch in Seattle is at a minimum $10.00 and that is for something like a Slice of Pizza and a soda.

It is a one piece unit.
Easy to keep clean, and not like tupperware where if you forget about it you have to toss the tupperware. On a side note…. It is so easy to clean I have never forgot to clean it after eating!
You can toss it in the dishwasher.
For those days you want to heat up part or all of you lunch, I keep some paper plates handy and heat what I want in the microwave.
Portion Control
Easy to slide in your backpack. I bought a laptop sleeve with Totoro.
It is fun and easy to pack.
If you like sandwiches, Hamburger buns, English muffins fit in the Square compartment.
And it looks lovely in pictures of my lunch.
Did I mention how easy it is to clean?
The model I have is the Planetbox Rover and I plan on purchasing the Planetbox Launch.

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