Exhausted and going to bed. But I got a lot of our checklist done and ready to go. Finishing up the final bits of a graphic arts project for my client. ie: Rob.
I have seizures, ADHD, and having been seeing a Therapist. They have run myriads of tests on me over the years. At VMMC about 20 years ago, they said I exhibited all the signs of ADHD, but since I go to work every day that I probably don’t have ADHD. They also said I had signs of Autism. I at the time poo-pooed that because, well I am a girl and my symptoms don’t match up with the typical guy symptoms. I recently happened upon an article for the signs of Female Autism… And I felt like I finally had a diagnosis for the way my brains run. Well, the new Therapist stated since I am a computer tech that can troubleshoot with customers and fix their computers, that I had far too many social skills to have Autism.
The reason I am seeing a therapist is to get assistance and learn better focus skills and manage my time better…. so what I didn’t get done was my homework. Tell someone that your schedule is packed and that I am frustrated and they tell you to start using post-it notes and to do homework every day… Oh well, it isn’t like I am being graded. Hope I don’t have the same dreams I had when I was young about not completing my homework and showing up to school at the end of the trimester and finding out I didn’t do any of my homework and forgot to put my clothes on. Just have to tell myself I am working as hard as I can and I accomplished a ton.

Everyone’s working for the weekend. Loverboy sure nailed that on the head.


Weekends go entirely too fast. I do a countdown until retirement. Part of the reason is I am over the half way point to a full retirement. I leave my house at 6:45am and return at 6:15pm, with a half hour for lunch. That is an over 3-hour commute per day, and I have been doing that particular commute since October 1983. So that is over 17,000 hours of commuting time. There are 8,760 hours in a year. I make a really good wage and benefits. I really like my house and our lifestyle. But the longer I do the commute the more burned out I get. When I was young, time seemed much slower, the older I get the faster time goes. Most of us are busy wishing our lives away, waiting for the weekend, or that time when we can finally retire. And hoping that we survive long enough to enjoy retirement. Or at least be healthy and have enough money saved up to take care of our family. When the weekends come around we are normally trying to catch up on sleep, housework, visiting with friends. And it seems like every time I finally get vacation something comes up every single time. Either additional work or just bad things happening in the world.

On Saturday we went on our inaugural ride on the new Motorcycle, went and visited our friends, went to an old watering hole and took the scenic ride home. It was nice, it was my first ride in years. Hopefully, we get to take an overnighter when I am on vacation.

Welcome to my new Page of Chaos! Flash and Firefoxx and the number 13.

I have my Fathers eyes.
I have my Fathers eyes.

This is my first post on my Webpage.  Yay!  This is my blog and it is going to be very Random and Chaotically organized…  Kind of like me.  My name is JennyO and have had an Internet presence since 1983 and have gone by the Handle Firefoxx.  I have been married for 18 years to my Jr. High Sweetheart RobO.  I will normally refer to him on my blog as Flash.  I moved to the Seattle area from the Pittsburgh area on February 11th 1978 and met Flash on the 13th.  We were also married on the 13th.

What is this Blog/Webpage for you might ask….  It is for many reasons.  I have been paying for this URL for about 20 years so I might as well get some use out of it.  I need to practice my writing skills, use em or lose em.  And it gets harder to pull words out of my head the older I get.  I need to track things.  And I like to share things.  When I actually get off my arse and get myself motivated, this seems to have a chain reaction and other people seem to get motivated.  Also I am very introverted and this is an easy way for me to extrovert.  I am finding Social Media very negative and draining.  Especially during elections.  So less time spent on Facebook, and more time working on my blog.

What can you expect to see?  All kinds of stuff.  Like I said, I am very Chaotic and Random human being.  I need to work on getting in better health, my health is relatively good, but I need to watch my diet so I can lose weight and think better.  Garbage in Garbage out.  I am a total Geek, and I love Photography.  I kind of obsess about something, obtain that something and than my brain can’t handle multitasking as well as it used to.  So I need to learn how to schedule and journal.  I will journal what I can share here.